Hi! I am a Fashion and Textile Design student. And I am here to share some tea with y’all about Fashion schools.

Be alarmed. Not all fashion schools have these problems. But some definitely do. And it really counts.

Before I get started I wanted to give a quick intro…

Fashion is not Fashion. Fashion is Art. Styling through poetics.

A narrative gives soul to the forms. The same goes for styling. Fashion is not fashion. Fashion is Art. Treat it like art and you have impeccable style as result.

Poets go in a trance like state when they want…

A poem.

Letters to Mrs. Claus

Greetings! Mrs. Claus I wonder

Why no one writes to you

Child, she said, ponder

More and you

Will find the same reason why

People say Mankind instead of Womankind

The same reason why

People say Father, Son and The Holy Spirit

Instead of Mother, Daughter and The Holy Spirit

Truly I try

My child

But sometimes



Written by Parishi Bachkaniwala

A mixture of two photos which I edited while feeling numb.

This is a creative writing peace which I wrote for an assignment. The exercise consisted of writing an abstract and making a 3D space in a cube out of that abstract. This is the very abstract which I wrote. It consists an experience and only the emotion and the feel…

Hello to the person reading this! (P.S.- I think nobody is reading this but anyway…)

I captured this photograph and it feels like I’m waving my hand hence please take it as a friendly wave.

This is my first post on Medium and I don’t know what I am doing.

Let me first start off by introducing myself. Hi! My name is Parishi (Pronounced as Pur-ee-she), I am a Design…

Parishi Bachkaniwala

Fashion Design Student

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