First post Ev-ahhhh!! GREETINGS!!

Hello to the person reading this! (P.S.- I think nobody is reading this but anyway…)

I captured this photograph and it feels like I’m waving my hand hence please take it as a friendly wave.

This is my first post on Medium and I don’t know what I am doing.

Let me first start off by introducing myself. Hi! My name is Parishi (Pronounced as Pur-ee-she), I am a Design Student, a Fashion Design student to be precise but we don’t use niche words like Fashion or Communication or Interspace. Just Design. One may never know where they end up.

A bit of a back story… I was a very average student. Nothing too special about me. But when I applied to be in The Student Council as a joke, I got in! And life, from that moment on, started giving me surprises till this date. I got in the Council. Not only that, I was selected as a Head Prefect!! A HEAD!!!!!! AHHHH! That was mind blasting for me. I felt like a protagonist in a Webtoon comic who just got something they had never thought they would get. Long story short, the joke blew up in my face because not only did I enjoy thoroughly myself in the council but also I got awarded as ‘The Student of Integrity’ on the last day of school. I had never thought I had potential, until that day when the principal personally gave that certificate of excellence to me.

I enrolled to learn Fashion Design because, as corny and cheesy as it sounds, I envisioned myself doing Fashion since I was a child. I am currently in my Second year and learning.

What to expect from this… blog posts shall we call it?!

Fashion and Beauty related content. (You know shit is about to go down when she said ‘Content’)

Creative pieces and short stories. Personal essays.

Fandom related shizzz. (Ya girl a Fangirl)

Tutorials? If there might be a community of people. And by community I mean two or more people.

In short, anything worth sharing.

I’m excited to start this journey. I hope someone might get little bits and pieces of entertainment from these posts lol.

Virtually shakes hand* We shall meet again!! *Uses sanitizer after shaking hand*